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mardi 22 juillet 2014

Kanye GQ August 2014 GQ corver Photoshoot

The french Photographer Patrick Demarchelier shot the one and only Mr Kanye west for the August 2014 GQ magazine issue. It was all about showing Mr west personal style. We can say whatever we want about kanye personality, but when it comes to his personal style he's always been on point.

 From the Hip Hop influences with statement pieces such as Timbaland boots or oversized t-shirt to the Rock and roll influences such as leather skinny pants, Mr west style remains one of the celebrity style which inspires me the most. 

 Here the entire pictures of the photoshoot let me know what you guys think about it. 

SASQUATCHfabrix. 2014 Fall/Winter Lookbook

 The Japanese fashion label  SASQUATCHfabrix have just realeased their 2014 Fall/Winter lookbook which features a dope range of  outerwear garments. This Lookbook features also an interesting and inspirational style direction, i like the way they mix and matching the garments proportion to create something simple and edgy.  

Here my favorites looks from their Lookbook. 

lundi 14 juillet 2014

Kielo; 2014 Fall/Winter Lookbook

The Tokyo based label Kielo  unveiled their Fall/Winter  2014 collection with an inspiring Lookbook. The collection is inspired by three meaningful  artistic movement which are the post- WWII american design, the pop art movement and the Hippie culture. Here my favorites pictures  from the Lookbook.

samedi 5 juillet 2014

summer flow !

It's been a while that i've posted anything related to my personal style, i find shooting people and scrolling fashion news more interesting now. So here my latest summer style, as you can see i stay loyal to my round sunglasses and hat style - my hair is always a mess. This look is a  mix of everything that inspired me in fashion, from my DIY african prints touch on my skinny jeans to the baseball jersey which is more an american sportswear key piece

Look of the week with venessa

Model: Venessa Apiah 

occupation : Student and journalist for Gold Age & Ailereve

1) what is your personal style main inspiration ?

I guess I unconsciously get inspired by what I see on a day to day basis. Images from the 80's and 90's inspire me as well. I think people looked hella cool during that time.

 2) how do you describe your style ? 

I would say that my style is pretty simple and kind of retro. I like vintage pieces and neutral colors. If I feel like wearing bright colors, I wear pieces with African prints.

 3) how can you describe montrealers style ?

Montreal is full of diversity and its reflected through the people's style. Yet, like anywhere else, trends tend to be followed. Hence, a lot of styles or items reoccur

4) where is your favourites places to shop in your city ?

 I often find myself too lazy to actually shop, so I mainly shop online. My mother's stash of old clothes from the 80's/90's is also a great place to find cool pieces as well. Otherwise, I work at Urban Outfitters , and I get some interesting things from there as well

5) what is the perfect outfit according to your standard ?

There is no such thing as THE perfect outfit. The best outfit you can wear is whatever makes you happy about the way you look.

She's wearing : 

- White crop top from Topshop
- varsity jacket from Delta 
- Vintage jeans from Asos market 
- Shoes from urban outfitters.

jeudi 3 juillet 2014

Gosha Rubchinsky 2014 Fall/winter collection

The moscow based designer Gosha Rubchinsky unveiled his F/W 2014 lookbook which features a lot of fun and casual pieces such as multicoloured jackets and leopard print coats.

I like this collection color palette dominated by  pastel and soft colours, it makes these pieces more fun to mixed and matched. I like also the cut of these garments, it's original and help to create edgy and unique outfits.

Here my favorites looks from their latest Lookbook.

mercredi 25 juin 2014

Christophe Lemaire Spring Summer 2015

Since the fashion  menswear collection have started to showcased two weeks ago, i'have never had the time to see the  upcoming trends these  fashion guru cooked for us.  I took this time  today,  and that was definitely not a waist of time. There was such a beautiful and inspiring looks that i've seen so far. 

 One  of the best collection i've seen so far was the Christophe Lemaire Spring/ summer 2015 one. He presented it yesterday at the first day of the paris mens collection fashion week; i like everything about  this collection. He has mastered the minimalist clothing approach with neutral tones all over this collection and also has  followed his own rules when it came to the cuts and proportions.  The overall gave a clean and edgy  collection which can be wear by many generation

Here my favorite looks from the collection. 

Photo credit to www.style.com